Underberg is a village situated in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg with magnificent views of the Drakenberg Mountains. Underberg is just 6Km from Himeville So whatever is available in Himeville, is also available in Underberg.

The local hotels in both Underberg and Himeville are popular stopping off points for forays into the mountains. Near Himeville is the Sani Pass Hotel which has a 9 hole golf course, conference facilities and daily trips up the spectacular Sani Pass that claws its way over the escarpment into Lesotho and then on to the Lesotho village of Mokhotlong.

The Underberg area is also very popular amongst hang gliding enthusiasts. The nearby Richenau Mission on the banks of the Polela River was established in 1886 by Bavarian monks. 


Fly Fishing in Underberg

Underberg is heaven for trout anglers: rainbow and brown trout. The Underberg Trout Fishing Club has holding rights to more than 160km of rivers, as well as 60 dams covering 400Ha. Yes Underberg is a strong fly fishing center

Underberg Golf


Underberg Activities

Horse trails
Hiking trails
mountain biking

Cobham Nature Reserve

The Cobham Nature Reserve lies about 15Km west of Underberg in the Drakensberg / uKhahlamba Park, a World Heritage Site.

Sani Pass

The top of Sani Pass is about 35Km from Himeville and leads to Mokhotlong in Lesotho. Thabana Ntlenyana (3482m), the highest peak in Southern Africa, is about 10Km from Sani Pass as the crow flies.

Underberg Annual Events

The Splashy Fen Music Festival is held in April every year. Music styles include: folk and light folk rock, mbaqanga, iscathamiya, mainstream and alternative rock and pop. This is the longest runing music festival in South Africa - since 1990 and has helped to make this part of the Drakensberg famous. It now attracts 10'000 visitors. The Festival is held on the hills of the farm Splashy Fen, about 20Km from Underberg.